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Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend

Walking Out

Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend – Available on Kindle now!

Ladies, gentlemen, one and all: Grab your weapons. Collect your thoughts. Say goodbye. The time has come for walking out.

You can now find Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend at a Kindle store near you. You can search for ‘Walking Out’ at any good amazon outlet, follow this link:, or just give that whole mess below a big ol’ click.

Furthermore, the work is available free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and borrowing is enabled, so please feel free to borrow and lend to your heart’s content.

Finally, please like and share and help me get this baby rolling.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

All love.

Halloween Teaser


Click to view image

(Tom apologies for lack of Photoshop skillz)

We done did another movie marathon with the Evil Dead triology. It will be released on Halloween so make sure you are subscribed up, ready to “Swallow this!”


PTP 007 Teaser and Plea for Topics

Howdy folks,

We are recording tonight so please submit your topics right now here. Also if you have any ideas for our two pots then submit that too.

Next issue will be up on Sunday May 10th and maybe something this Sunday as a little off-week treat. Here’s a tease for the next proper issue…and yes, that is De’Ola, Kel and me.


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