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PTP 101 – Duelling Dildos

It’s a new year & the same old podcast as we make recommendations for tourists in London, have a tea fight, reveal our tabbing habits, have a muskical interlude, decide the worst 100 year old food, ski, phrase things about our podcast and not about our partners, follow a stream of thought about water & pick our favourite ciggies.

Thank you to our community contributors Rikard, Gi & Doc Mantis Toboggan for their topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz & Johnny.

Why not submit your own topic at or email an AUDIO TOPIC to



Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend:


Slay the Spire:


Joe Rogan Experience #1035 – Paul Stamets:


(also on phones)



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Orangafruüp – Trippples

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Album art this issue is inspired by the greatest love story ever told.

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