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PTP 130 – Dylan Dong Digits

We kick off Max Smash Week by discussing what name you can be called to put you off sex, choose things to take a flying pee on, tweet returning from orbit, yes or no: lockdown haircuts, face-off ice cream vs ice lollies, pair that top with those shoes, TESTERFY, share our go to pizza options, & break some Guinness World Records PTP-style.

Thank you to our community contributor A:) for submitting a topic.

Hosts this issue are Heather, Tom & Taz.

Why not submit your own topic at or email an AUDIO TOPIC to



I May Destroy You


I did a thing:


Battle Royale by Koushun Takami:



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Intro & Outro Music Credit:

Orangafruüp – Trippples

Buy the album at

See site for more details:

Album art this issue is inspired by the bog-standard porno cousin of Edward.

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