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PTP 134 – Air Frying the Aristocracy

On the worst sounding recording of all time (so far…stay tuned) our intrepid hosts decide what to spend a billion pounds on, avoid talking about the holocaust & climate change, bring you our favourite air frying cum recipes, realise David Attenborough is behind Covid, try to understand why Taz tried to write a joke about a pansexual, Jessica Alba & a raven with a writing desk, pick a skill to master & never use, debate whether Songbird is too soon, get annoyed at our least favourite chore, share our most recent undignified moments, & become weirdly specific gods.

Hosts this issue are Heather, Amy, Captain Sickbeard, Tom & Taz.

Thank you to our community contributors Jack Lucas, our Discord Jackbox Crew & Rikard for their topics.

Why not submit your own topic at or email an AUDIO TOPIC to



World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji:

EFG London Jazz Festival 2020:



Pinocchio at The Chichester Festival Theatre:


Q Clearance: The Hunt for QAnon:

Darknet Diaries:

Truth Seekers:


Going for a walk in the morning


Scooter – FCK 2020:

The Modern Rogue:



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Orangafruüp – Trippples

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Album art this issue is inspired by our disgusting Discord Jackbox Crew

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