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PTP 142 – Ego Stuffiem Mea Faciem Cakiem Um Yes

Lockdown is pretty much over, work is slowing down recording so here we are talking about the most expensive meal we’ve ever had, share our personal & favourite mottos, gear up some cocaine bees, answer if Spiderman reacts disgusted when he walks through a spider web, 300 an historical event, compile an Anti-Bucket List, & spend a day in the last book we read.

Hosts this issue are Heather, Tom & Taz.

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Intro & Outro Music Credit:

Orangafruüp – Trippples

Buy the album at

Orangafruüp are no more but now members form Scotch Lobster and Monkey Fist:

See site for more details:

Album art this issue is inspired by Pudding’s Motto

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