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PTP 096 – Foamy Boyz

Two hosts, one issue in which we explain running, curse some fools, experience the sexiness, list our Top 5, float some zombies, get ahead of the taboo curve, regret everything, impart wisdom on some babies, question Dick King Smith’s chosen career, navigate the pitfalls of manners, & pick an animal to consume us.

Thank you to our community contributor John for his topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom & Taz.

Why not submit your own topic at or email an AUDIO TOPIC to

Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend:

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Instagram: @pottopicpodcast & why not use #pottopicpodcast & view our “Community Pics” on our site
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Intro & Outro Music Credit:
Orangafruüp – Trippples
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Album art this issue is inspired by zombie hill races.

PTP 018A – Evil Dead Halloween Special: Army of Daftness

In which the crew watches all the original Evil Dead movies to celebrate Halloween, shout “got wood?” a lot, reminisce on past scares, taunt The Devil Tree, ‘80s boob, ignoring plot holes & continuity errors because we are biased, discuss the dark story Mr Hanky: Origins, sappy seconds, Air B&BDSM, where is your Johnny Knoxville now, Bruce Campbell’s influence on Pop music, realisation that we can’t podcast (we’re a punkcast with a broken mic cable) & avoid answering whether The Evil Dead movies are comedy or horror movies.

And Taran’s released his novella on the Amazon Kindle Store! Go read more about the book and buy more here:


Hosts this issue are Tom, Eddie, Hal, Gregg, Beth & Ewan (& Daz a bit).

Twitter & Periscope: @pottopicpodcast
Instagram: @pottopicpodcast & why not use #pottopicpodcast & view our “Community Pics” on our site

Intro & Outro Music Credit:
“Meatball Parade” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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