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Freaky Friday

PTP 073 – Hello Armpit

This episode, brought to you by “Hello Armpits™ – Deodorant of Tomorrow & Today”, we spray on topics of Beef Greek, the one and only sponsor Hello Armpits™, the eeriest of Indianas, Mystery Sex Theatre 3000™, finally killing the weakest podcast link, the letters 666, the Mr Blobby conspiracy, the ha-bringers of the Apocalypse, return to the next thrilling entry of The Last Lost Stranger Story Saga, Freaky Friday the hosts, & completely not listen to the last topic and just talk about Robot Wars & Scrapheap Challenge.

Thank you to our community contributors John Kerans & Cai for their topics.

Cheers to for your amazing neural networks that inspire our Pitch Pot.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz, Christakis & Captain Sickbeard.

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Orangafruüp – Trippples
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Album art this issue is inspired by The Fireman – The Family Friendly Horro Story (Soundtrack by Girls’ Generation)

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