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head transplant

PTP 058 – The Sobercast

We are over-caffeinate on Prog Rock dry roast and extra sober for a Pot Topic first. We fail to talk about a mysterious tax, brain decay, savoury ice cream, speed date sabotage, our non-existing professional goals, yet more inappropriate porn parodies, dark time lines, wear other people’s stuff on our heads, the Fabled Dick Van Dyke vs Christian Bale finally happens, government watch-this, anti-allergies, fall off our soapboxes, plan to move again, & tell ghetto cracker jokes.

Thank you to our community contributors Captain Sickbeard, Rikard, Cai & Aussie Dan for their topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz & Christakis.

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Bone Tomahawk
Dungeons & Dragons

Talanas: HOW NOT TO – St. George’s Day

Door To Wanderland launching in May
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Intro & Outro Music Credit:
Orangafruüp – Trippples
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Album art this issue is inspired by Cai’s Clothes Change.

PTP 019 – Shoot it up your chuff

Happy All Hallows Day! With the season of horror behind us, the team are choosing to focus on the cheerier aspects of life, such as the apocalypse, half a toddler, the eradication of all things cinnamon Danish, Nicholas Cage, a dead man’s legacy, pantomimes, botched head transplants, bulging pucks of fermented hell fish, and Millwall supporters. Youtube’s own HowtizerBug joins for a quick bit of doom chanting.

Thank you to our community contributors Captain Sickbeard & Rikard for their topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz, Kel, Andy & Beth.

Tom would like to apologise for getting so drunk he turned into a bit of a plank that made no sense what so ever. Joke’s on him, hope you find it funny.

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Twitter & Periscope: @pottopicpodcast
Instagram: @pottopicpodcast & why not use #pottopicpodcast & view our “Community Pics” on our site

Intro & Outro Music Credit:
“Meatball Parade” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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