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PTP 141 – Risky Whisky, The Fauci Ouchie & The Fam

The Fam gather to hide something for the new tenants, rename LGBTQQIP2SAAA, get their egos withered with slaps from animals, draw the line on which animals to eat, imagine birds overselling their cloacas, share our recent horrible internet finds, FMK The Muppets, & draft the line-up for their dream festivals.

Hosts this issue are Heather, Seal, Tom & Taz.

Why not submit your own topic at or email an AUDIO TOPIC to



”Retribution Falls” by Chris Wooding:


”Coin Locker Babies” by Ryū Murakami:


PTP Chuck Tingle Book Club: A Butt In The Mist: Stirred To The Core Of My Bodice By The Duchess Triceratops Of Helena:

Thought Slime:


Aunty Donna Podcast:



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Intro & Outro Music Credit:

Orangafruüp – Trippples

Buy the album at

Orangafruüp are no more but now members form Scotch Lobster and Monkey Fist:

See site for more details:

Album art this issue is inspired by the fam that will slam (when one of us goes down we all have to group up) …and a Caterham 7 kit car.

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