Le Mans

PTP 050 – Iron Coming In

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At what point do Taz and Tom get so drunk they don’t remember the rest of the evening?

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY so I want to hear topics from the community only, such as the longest topic with the shortest answer, desperation snacking, the prettiest relay race, titular careers, Super sickness, Penguin Anatomy 101, incognito mode is for porn, even more X-Wing, the etiquette of joining in some parental passion, PTP business plans, the practicalities of Pokémon, spirit selections, & how we would rule the world.

Thank you to our community contributors Sophie, Cai, Captain Sickbeard, Anony-mouse, Andy K & Aussie Dan for their topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz, Heather & De’Ola.

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“Meatball Parade” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Album art this issue is inspired by not liking cake but loving scotch.

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