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PTP 091 – The Scallywag Of Balance

Now this is a story all about how we scientifically number a chap and a gent, legalise it, beat twelve shades out of a human piñata, pick a pasta, play a thrilling round of your favourite game show: Whimsy, eat some cute animals, recant our recently, eat non-food, help Eddie escape, choose a narse best bit, blow some money on stupid stuff, and get around to some yes.

Thank you to our community contributors Doc Mantis Toboggan, John, Cai & Rikard for their topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz, & Jonny.

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Behind the Bastards:

Cracked Gets Personal:

Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend:

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This Living Hand – Risen:

AJJ (the band)

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Orangafruüp – Trippples
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Album art this issue is inspired by Bechamel the Wizard.

PTP 027 – By Katey Sagal’s Boobs

Drinking has taken it’s toll on Tom as we discuss the application of buffer baps to achieve pointless gorgeousness, successfully avoiding being in a band in 1995 by bumbling about, we greet alien reproductive platforms, our love of stolen clothing, comically popping weasels, a lubed-up Trumpouroboros and add many more entries to our thesaurus of puerile thought.

Thank you to our community contributors Dave Vincent, Aussie Dan & Captain Sickbeard for their topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz, Eddie, Gregg & Beth.

Taran’s novella on the Amazon Kindle Store!
Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend
Go read more about the book and link to buy here:

Twitter & Periscope: @pottopicpodcast
Instagram: @pottopicpodcast & why not use #pottopicpodcast & view our “Community Pics” on our site

Intro & Outro Music Credit:
“Meatball Parade” Kevin MacLeod (
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