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PTP 055 – Patrons’ Patron Podcast

Happy Community Spesh! Thank you for sticking with us and we hope you stick with us through this issue where we share various feline-nabbing techniques, identify everything cringe, sod the community as it’s all about us, stereotype The States, find ourselves talent absent, invite an inverted saviour to the party, hide our crotch shame, become Titanic Truthers, pit an apple against an android, drink some alcoholic mixer, be Net positive, eat a topic, break our earphones on a train, question why not, kill the high street and recognise unrecognised genius.

Thank you to our community contributors Aussie Dan, Cai, Doctor Mantis-Toboggan & Captain Sickbeard for their topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz, Beth & Christakis.

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Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend:

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Instagram: @pottopicpodcast & why not use #pottopicpodcast & view our “Community Pics” on our site

Intro & Outro Music Credit:
Orangafruüp – Trippples
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Album art this issue is inspired by Chris The Bananacorn.

PTP 025 – Community Contributor Synonyms

It’s the very last recording at the SAWmill so of course we churn over the rampaging herds of snails, dissonant cinnamon synonyms, hanging out the back of waitresses, Tabasco tampons, power cones, queuing, interstellar corporate espionage and sitting around a bit.

Thank you to our community contributors Captain Sickbeard, Aussie Dan, Chris Howitzerbug, Rikard & Dave Vincent for their topics.

Hosts this issue are Tom, Taz, Daz, Eddie, Jonny with De’Ola & Andy in rotation.

Taran’s novella on the Amazon Kindle Store!
Walking Out: A Post-Urban Legend
Go read more about the book and link to buy here:

Twitter & Periscope: @pottopicpodcast
Instagram: @pottopicpodcast & why not use #pottopicpodcast & view our “Community Pics” on our site

Intro & Outro Music Credit:
“Meatball Parade” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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