PTP 082b – The DVT Shire-ies

Were you hoping for an in-depth and insightful take on the land of the long white cloud, the land without teeth that is New Zealand? Whelp, you’ve got some progressively more Dadaist Yelp reviews, shameless smash cuts, and constant mispronunciations of Maori and English words alike. At length. Also Hobbits.


Soooo it’s been 82 issues, every fortnight over 3 years and we never lost a recording. That streak has been broken. Tom managed to record the issue due out today entirely on the microphone. Hope you understand why you’ll have to wait a proper episode. Begs your collective pardons.

PTP 044 – Squirtatron 3000

This show we take all all expenses paid trip to a land filled with contemplation of our own mortalities, our apparent AI fetish, unconscious host contemplations, air horn paradise, burying dead pixels, hot or not at all hot, Snapshout, our ISS must-haves, paternal potato products, surviving the in-survivable, and maternal girlfriend pleasures.

Oleg’s Skydive Against Cancer:

Thank you to our community contributors Andy K, Captain Sickbeard & Sophie for their topics.

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