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Launch News and Episode 2 Recording

Hey folks,

Last night we posted the podcast on all the networks as well as this site (here) if you would like to hear it. As of today it is live on all the Subscribe links on the left of this page with the exception of iTunes because that takes a couple of days. The plan from here on out is to put up a show every other week on a Sunday.

We should be recording the second episode this Saturday and so we need your topics! Go to the Submit A Topic page and experience the joy of having your name read on fake radio.

Thank you to everyone who listens to the show and please like, rate, review, subscribe, share, stick it up on your Mum’s fridge, feed it to a puppy, suck it and see, leave it on the coffee table to show the neighbours how cool and hip you are when they come to tea, etc.



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